Balasivarama Reddy (Ph. D)

Engineer | Trader | Mentor

Hello friends, About my stock market learning started from my childhood from my father. Later gained knowledge from few people by attending workshops and courses.
I have been awarded the NSE Certified Investment Analyst Pro Certification by the National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Having 11+ years of experience in trading stocks


Trading is one of the most challenging endeavors in which you can participate. Unfortunately, Most traders do not feel the need to get educated in stock trading. Most traders also fail.

To earn money a doctor or a lawyer dedicates 5 years in course. an engineer spends 4 years.  Yet for some reason, new traders believe that this is an easy to conquer profession. In fact, some of the smartest and most successful people often have the most difficult time trading. Also, continuous success, in other endeavors before trading often translates to overconfidence and stubbornness while trading. This is a bad combination.

Do you know right now, which strategies you have to play in this market? In this month? In this week? Today?

Do you know which strategies you have to play at different times of the day?

Do you know how to handle all of the market big player’s tricks?

Do you know how to handle reversal times?

You see, the market is designed to extract money quickly from the unknown. It is a game where 90% of people’s money move to 10% of people.

On which side of this equation you want to be?

You need to develop a trading plan that outlines your total business plan when it comes to how you want to trade. You need to outline the strategies you want to use, and when you want to use them.

You need to outline money management rules.

How much will you risk on that scalp?

How much on that core trade?

How much can you afford to lose in one day?

You need to understand trading and all the concepts it involves. This is the single most important step for successful trading.

Yet, the vast majority of new traders do not have a plan. Everyone has a different level of money and time they can devote to learning. That is fine, there are different ways to approach education.

Most traders lose too much at the beginning that cannot be regained by the time they decide to get an education. Don’t let this happen to you.

My training will surely save a lot of time and money. If you study from books and youtube it takes a minimum of 4 years and at least 1 lakh you would lose.

There are many opportunities to learn trading on many different time horizons and cost levels. Remember, you will pay for your education one way or another. Some traders lose more money in a week than it would take to get a good start on education.

Don’t be one of those people who think, “When I make enough money trading to pay for a seminar, I will take it then . . . .” Think of the logic in that statement. The training must come first.

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